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Yes!  Everything that we sell is grown by us on our farm in Killeen, TX. This not only allows us to insure that what we are selling is as fresh as possible but it's the only way for use to say for sure how it was grown.  As a family farm the we are all hands on deck at all times. We are proud to say that the person selling at market was also there when seeds were sowed and every stage between. 

We are happy to say YES.   Fresh Produce is  available at our farm every Wednesday evening from 5-7 P.M.   We also welcome orders for evening pick-up throughout the  week.  

This varies by animal and by time of year.  We feed what is best for the animal.  Cows, and sheep grazing and chickens foraging is always our goal. But if there is a fox picking off chickens they are going to be eating vegetables in the coup rather than bugs in the yard.  When the summer drought kills of the grass our cows will be eating hay. It is very important to us that we provide a quality life for the animals that provide for us.  

Pesticides, Herbicides, Fungicides and Commercial Fertilizers in many cases contain chemicals that we don't want in our food, soil or water supply. They can be harmful to beneficial insects and to wildlife. Instead of fighting nature we try to work with it.  We encourage beneficial insects, we enrich our soils with what we compost and fertilize organically, we control weeds manually, and inspect and prune plants regularly. It takes a little extra effort and sometimes patience to grow this way, but the Fruits and Vegetables we sell are the same ones we eat. When I see my daughter walk by and pluck a cherry tomato straight from the vine and pop it in her mouth I know  that what she is eating is free of chemicals.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer to your question. Please feel free to contact us. We are extremely proud of what we raise and the way raise and are more than happy to answer any questions.

  • Is our Produce Organic?

                       We are not Certified Organic. 

  • Do you grow the produce you are selling?


  • Can I buy my produce at the farm?

  • What do you feed?
  • We do not use pesticides.
  • We do not use herbicides or fungicides 
  • We only use organic compost and fertilizers. 


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