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Market is my favorite thing about farming. Not because it provides us with an outlet to sell the food I love to grow (though its a huge plus!). Market is my favorite part because I get I get to meet  so many people  that I otherwise may not have met.

Every week there are two things that are inevitable to happen at Market. The first being someone will say to me "That looks so good but I have no idea what to do with it." and the second is someone sharing a recipe on how they are going to prepare what they are getting.   We thought The Recipe page would be a great way to put those two things together. 

The best vegetable grow when we are at our busiest so my recipes  tend to either be fast or make ahead. If you would like to Share you way of preparing please send me an e-mail and I would love to pass it on. 


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Zuchinni Raviolli:(This recipe was shared with me this week end and sound yummy)
             Ingredients: Zuchini , Filling (ricotta, onions and Portabella Mushroom were my choice), Heavy Cream and Parmesan Cheese.
             Prep: dice and sauté onions in butter, Slice Zuchini extremely thin lengh wise (potato peeler thin),
             Prepare filling (small contain of ricotta cheese, chopped portabella and Sauted diced onion).
             Lay two Zuchinni Slices in to form a  cross, place filling in center, Fold bottom slice over to cover and then fold over top zuchinni slice
             Lay Raviollis in 9 x 11 pan cover with heavy cream and sprinkle with parmesan cheese
             Bake at 425 until cheese slightly browns.
       Alternate Raviollis can be grilled salt and pepper to taste and served as there own side.

Onion Rings: (This is a quick easy favorite of mine)  
                   Prep: Start pot of boiling water, make bowl of ice water
                   Slice Onions
                   Blanch rings in water 15-30 seconds, Strain and immediately ice bath.
                   Once cool (Less time than rinsing the pot) strain and coat with flour.
                   Make breading (equal parts pan cake mix (flour works too) and cornmeal.
                   Dip flour coated onions into milk  then bread and lay out on Cookie sheet as you work.
                   Deep fry in hot oil.
        (I stock our freezer with these for winter. To freeze Blanch and bread as normal and place on Wax paper lined cookie sheet Freeze until firm-hard and bag.  Deep fry frozen rings                with dinner all winter long.)
           (To make large batches for the freezer place wax paper between layers and stack on cookie sheet)

Fried Green Tomatoes: (These sweet, salty, sour tomatoes Make Waiting for vine ripe tomatoes a little easier)
                 Ingredients: Green Tomatoes, Salt,  Flour, Sugar
                   Clean and slice tomatoes.
                   Sprinkle tomato slices lightly with salt ( Optional but takes helps with any bitterness)
                   Make breading of equal parts sugar and flour
                   Dip tomato slicing in water then coat with breading
                   Heat oil in skillet on pan (you only need enough oil to cover 1/2 the thickness of tomato slices)
                   Pan fry each side until golden brown (approximately 2 minutes on each side)
                   Drain on Paper Towels and serve.
           (Alternately Butter coated pan can be used for pan frying this gives a more caramelized breading be prepared to add more butter as needed)
                TIP: Oil needs to be extremely hot or breading not hold 
                (Green Tomato Slices can be canned to enjoy Fried Green Tomatoes all winter long!)

Green Beans:
                  Ingredients: Green Beans, Bacon, Onion (optional)
                  Snap beans removing ends.
                  Dice onion (options)
                  Simmer  vegetables and 2 slices of bacon over med-low heat for 1-2 hours.
                  Salt and pepper to taste
           (We add a dash of Fajita seasoning  to the pot for a little extra spice)

           (Great with baby new potatoes. To include Potatoes Boil new potatoes while snapping beans, Run potatoes under cool water while starting beans and bacon.                     Peel  potatoes (skins should rub off) add potatoes to pot and continue to cook as normal. ) 

Easy Summer Squash: 
                  Ingredients: Summer Squash (any variety), Onion, Bell Pepper, Butter, Salt
                  Slice Squash, onions and peppers. 
                  Steam until soft (approximately 5 minutes) 
                  Season to taste. (I use simple salt and pepper but Garlic Salt or even lemon pepper is great too.) 
                  Add a bit of butter and enjoy!

         (No Steamer, saute or put in Microwave dish covered with lid cracked open check every 2 minutes (no water needed))